There are the following payment methods available:

  • Cash on site (only in the German Store)
  • Direkte Payment in Advice via Bank Transfer Bank Transfer within 14 days including the order number
  • KLARNA Checkout: If you want to use KLARNA pay later, invoice or credit card there will be a credit check of your creditworthiness.
  • Credit Card via Mollie
  • PayPal Plus (PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, invoice) PayPal will take a credit check of your creditworthiness.

KLARNA Checkout:
With Klarna Checkout you will order very quick – withoud any additional registration. You can pay via invoice or take your choice in the other payment methods within 30 minutes. But you can choose only Klarna Checkout payment methods (invoice, hire purchase, credit card, bank transfer or SOFORT.
If you will use KLARNA for the first time, probably you can’t use all payment methods. You can use always credit card and SOFORT.
You have any questions about Klarna Ckeckout? Please contact the KLARNA Support Team. Contact in english find on