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Brief introduction, where does the Bavarian collection come from. The idea was born at an evening gathering.

One of the most beautiful cultural assets in Germany, are the dialects. Almost every region has its own. I myself come from Upper Bavaria and would therefore like to bring you closer to a few words from our vocabulary.

In 2017 I started crafting yarn cakes (German word for “Bobbel”) with Bavarian first names. Today, in 2019, I am a little more mischievous. Ambiguities are not excluded, sometimes intended. I wish you much fun with my bavarian yarn cakes and strands!

Correction: Some “Bobbel” names seem heretical, but are in no way meant that way. Bavarian usage has changed a lot in modern times and I pick up on this so. The bavarian collection is to illustrate the fun of my work.

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