Manos del Uruguay Alegria


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We offer here Manos del Uruguay – Alegria. The quality “Alegria” is a hand-dyed sock yarn, which is wonderfully soft and fluffy. Therefore, this yarn is actually much too pity to be used only for socks.

The yarn has a fine twist, so it does not lose its lightness. You can therefore also wonderfully knit all kinds of scarves. Due to the high proportion of wool, the yarn is best suited for sweaters and has a warming effect on both hand, foot and body.

Due to the polyamide content, you will get a wonderfully even stitch pattern after washing and tensioning, and you don’t have to worry that the finished piece will wear out or tear.

The Alegria is dyed very brightly.

Colors may vary from the product photo depending on individual screen settings!

We are gradually increasing the colors. There are also qualities with silk content and handspun.

If you are still looking for inspiration, you can find instructions here, which were made from this yarn.

Have fun working with it!

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