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Here you can buy Esmeralda Download.

If you would like the instructions as printed instructions, you can get them HERE.

How did the instructions get its name?

Esmeralda is a Spanish given name that means gemstone. The most famous character, in connection with this name, is the gypsy girl from the novel “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame” by Victor Hugo. Since this shrug looks very noble, but also gently caresses the soul, it was the appropriate analogy for me.

On the 7 pages of instructions you will find a full electronic chart, as well as an explanation and illustration for elaboration. The first rows are additionally explained in written form.

You are buying the instructions for a uni-size model. That is, you can crochet with this instruction all sizes from XS – XXXL. How to determine the measurements for this is explained in one step..

What should you be able to?

– chains
– double crochet
– cluster
– single crochet
– half double crochet
– slip stitch
– back post half double crochet

The basic techniques mentioned are not explained in the instructions.

That´s included:

  • Crochet instructions, printed
  • Instructions suitable for beginners
  • complete electronic chart
  • all sizes from XS – XXXL possible

Required material:

You need for the Esmeralda Download a yarn cake with a run length of 1000m (XS) to 2500m (XXXL), 4-ply, and a crochet hook size 3.5mm. Alternatively, you can use sock wool, but also any other yarn. However, I cannot give you any run length information for this.

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Have fun with the Esmeralda Download!