Eulenspiegel Printed Instructions


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Here you can buy Eulenspiegel Printed Instructions. You get theinstructions as black and white print. If you would like the instructions as download, you can get them HERE.

Till Eulenspiegel was a rascal, born according to tradition approximately 1300. His funny stories are still amusing today. Because the cable is easily reminiscent of owls, the cap was named after him in the test.

And just like the eponym Till, the cap is very changeable. The multicolored version made of “Wollmeise” remnants reminds me a little of a fool, while the gray version looks classically elegant.

What should you be able to?

  • casting on
  • knit and purl
  • cable
  • knit with double pointed needles

The basic techniques mentioned are not explained separately in the instructions.

You can knit the cap with pearls, or even without. Both versions are included as extra chart in the manual.

You will receive 2 PDF instructions with 5 pages each. The instructions are labeled “adult” and “children”.

We wish you a lot of fun with Eulenspiegel Printed Instructions!

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