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“Lulatsch” is the German slang term for a tall person with a sloppy gait. For me the perfect analogy for this XXL poncho to “Rumschlampn” (Bavarian for: being careless and lazy) and cuddling in. It is about 120cm wide and 98cm (simple) long and actually completely oversized for my size, but I love such huge cuddly clothes.
Because of the dimensions there is a “step by step instruction”, which tries to restrict itself to the essentials.

That´s included:

  • suitable for very ambitious starters of lace knitting as well as advanced
  • uni size
  • complete electronic chart

What should you be able to?

  • knit
  • purl
  • knit together
  • yarn over

Required materials:

  • 300g sock wool, plain grey, RL approx.1260m
  • 300g sock wool, mixed grey, RL approx.1260m
  • 100g sock wool, black RL approx. 400m
  • circular needle 3,5mm (at least 100cm)
  • circular needle 5mm for casting on (optional)
  • crochet hook 5mm
  • scissors
  • 2 stitch markers
  • wool needle

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