Rote Zora Printed Instructions


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Here you can buy Rote Zora Printed Instructions. You get the instructions as black and white print. If you would like the instructions as download, you can get them HERE.

This shawl is named after the “Rote Zora” because of its fire red color. She is the heroine of a youth book romance by Kurt Held. As an orphan in Croatia she has to live together with her cronies on the street. The story has a risen after a journey by the author, in which he processes his experiences with street children.

This pattern is classically elegant and can be varied in width, from scarf to stole.

What should you be able to:

  • casting on
  • knit and purl
  • yarn over
  • left and right decreases
  • cable

These instructions are not suitable for beginners.

That´s included:

  • for advanced and experts
  • instructions incl. chart
  • size variable from scarf to stole

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We wish you a lot of fun with Rote Zora Printed Instructions!